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We are a non-political organization. We do not endorse nor condone the ideologies of the Third Reich, Facist, National Socialist or Neo-Nazi movements.
We are purely a living history society.
  On many of the uniforms and equipment, in keeping with historical accuracy, you may see emblems that some people may find offensive. If you are easily offended, DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE.

World War II Kriegspfarrer Reenactor's Page

Kriegspfarrer in Frock Conducting a Funeral

This is a page dedicated to those interested in the Historic portrayal of the German Chaplain in World War II.  In the modern hobby of World War Two Reenacting, this is an area of significance that has received too little attention over the years.  It is our goal as hobbyists and living historians to shed some light on this invaluable and often overlooked field of military service during World War II.  This page will include actual photographs of Kriegspfarrer (War Priests or Chaplains) as well as the Historic Impressions of them by modern German Reenactors.


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